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Creating a Better, Easier User Experience

During design and product development, WellEz developers first consider ease-of-use for field users. Because we support our clients 24/7 and interact with them daily, we fully understand the demographic and potential issues they experience during data entry. As most software programs typically charge customers for support, consulting, and implementation, they are less incentivized towards ease-of-use for their users. WellEz takes a different approach. We provide 24/7 support to our clients at no extra cost to help ensure their success.

Leading with Innovation

Today, the industry is seeing more offerings take to the cloud as myths about data security and usability are dispelled. Always ahead of the curve, WellEz entered the online marketplace in 2001 and established itself an industry leader as the first cloud based well lifecycle reporting application. In 2004, WellEz Remote, a solution for offline data entry for field users was developed. In 2009, with its native mobile app releases on iOS and Android, WellEz was the first in its space to enter Mobile reporting. In 2014 with the release of Web Services, clients were able to integrate various applications in their business workflow and break down data silos in their organization. WellEz continues to be an industry innovator and partners with its clients in ongoing product development.

A flexible and Scalable Solution

In traditional scenarios, implementing software is a large capital cost to an organization. The software has to be purchased along with user licenses, upgrades, additional modules, training, consulting, installation, and IT hardware to fully utilize the software. After making this huge capital investment, many Operators find themselves ‘locked in’ to a system that may not be suitable for their organization. However, by being cloud based, WellEz offers a solution with low risk and painless setup. Our unique billing model and operational day rate allows our clients to allocate the cost of the system to individual AFE’s, in the same way that most other costs during well site Operations are allocated. As well site activities increase, our sliding day rate keeps the cost of the system scalable to meet the needs of clients that range from small independents to major oil and gas companies.

With an unwavering focus on meeting our clients’ needs, WellEz continues to develop solutions that incorporate the newest available technologies. Contact us to find out how our solutions can benefit your Operations and see what a true partnership with a service company can do for you.

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