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Simplify the Scary: Well Lifecycle Software Implementation

WELLEZ-Implementation Guide

Perceived Pain is Costing E&P Operators Time and MoneyMany times, E&P operations teams and IT departments are hesitant to change their Well Lifecycle Reporting system because of the ‘perceived pain’ of switching.  They fear that daily operations are so entrenched in the current process that the cost of changing would result in…High CostsThe WellEz billing… Read more »

The Benefits of True SaaS and the Dangers of Cloud Imposters


The cloud/SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model of software platforms keeps IT overhead low and costs predictable for its customers.  These, among many others, are the reasons why the SaaS model has resonated with Oil & Gas independent operators.  However, potential adopters must beware of SaaS ‘fakers’ who seek to cash in on the business model without offering… Read more »

Does the Holiday season HAVE to mean annual maintenance fees?


The weather is getting cooler, football dominates the weekends, and the holiday season is approaching. For those of you using WellEz, this is a time of year to enjoy the season and continued operational success. Unfortunately, for operators using the old Drilling & Completion software model – your annual user license and maintenance fees are probably… Read more »

Uncommon Service & Support

WellEz Support

IT customer support can often be the stuff of nightmares.  The dread of clicking through an endless phone menu, or the frustration of being transferred to yet another person to answer your simple question.  With negative interactions being so common, at WellEz we strive to be uncommon.  We built a platform designed for our user… Read more »

Was That Workover Worth It?


It’s a question that must be answered at some point in every wells life-cycle, yet many operators experience difficulty with collecting the data to do so. Below, we explain how capturing a small number of key data points in a cloud-based reporting system can bring valuable insight into your workover operations and the variables that… Read more »

Excel Spreadsheets Are Slowing You Down


We see it all the time.  Company employees with drilling metrics in Excel spreadsheets they have spent years perfecting.  All of that time spent on each formula and macro, tweaking formatting details, and feeding with company data.  However, like any spreadsheet, a few errant clicks, bad data entry, or even a hard drive failure can corrupt years of… Read more »

Free eBook “How to Read a Daily Drilling Report: A Beginner’s Guide”


Download the eBook HereThis guide provides an example of a Daily Drilling Report produced by a typical onshore oil & gas operator. Common industry acronyms, abbreviations, layouts of information, and terms of the daily report are presented and explained in a non-technical format.“WellEz sends thousands of reports each day to investors, working interest owners, and non-engineering staff… Read more »

Uncovering Costs Savings through Equipment Failure Tracking


Equipment failure tracking is the method of capturing, organizing, and analyzing oilfield equipment failure data in an effort to reduce future costs and failures.  Even in today’s oil and gas climate, this is an often overlooked advantage of using a data management tool.  Decision makers are left with no other option than sorting through countless… Read more »

Operators Meet EPA Reporting Demands Without Increasing Costs


In recent new, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed plans to propose regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry by up to 45 percent over the next decade. The increase in production that has resulted from the U.S. shale revolution has placed a spotlight on operator’s impact on the… Read more »

Understanding Cloud and SaaS growth in the Oil & Gas Industry


The term “Cloud Computing” rose to popularity around 2006 as it was adopted by large tech companies such as Google and Amazon. It’s an often misunderstood term that encompasses many different service offerings and IT environments. Since its creation in 2000, WellEz has been a hosted software-as-a-service (SAAS) offering to Oil & Gas Operators seeking… Read more »