Does the Holiday season HAVE to mean annual maintenance fees?

The weather is getting cooler, football dominates the weekends, and the holiday season is approaching. For those of you using WellEz, this is a time of year to enjoy the season and continued operational success. 

Unfortunately, for operators using the old Drilling & Completion software model – your annual user license and maintenance fees are probably coming due.  

With the uncertainty in our industry, your operations schedule for 2017 may be tough to nail down. However, with the old software model, you will be forced to make a decision on how many user licenses to renew. Purchase too many and you are wasting coveted 2017 Cap-Ex budget room.  Buy too little and you will have to add unexpected licenses in the middle of a cycle, busting budgets and pushing timelines.

There is also the annual maintenance fee, that will need to re-negotiated on your projected operations plan and worked into your CapEx budget.  And if you aren’t having enough fun yet, the salesman (that you have probably spent the last few weeks with) will gladly inform you about purchasing the “newest” version of their software that comes along with a host of consulting and implementation costs.  

Now let’s take a look at the alternative, a cloud based application like WellEz.

  • No user license fees, annual maintenance costs, or contracts.
    • Role based user management that allows you to create/disable users and grant access to appropriate individuals at your discretion.
  • Pay only when you are operating.
    • An operational expense that scales with your operations over time. The cost per unit goes down as your operations scale up.
  • 24×7 support, account customization, user training, and offline data entry application are all included at no extra cost.
    • Reporting doesn’t work unless the data being entered is accurate. We train and support our users 24×7 to ensure you are getting the most accurate and complete reporting database.