How Quality Support & Training Impact Your Business

The Oil & Gas Industry works 24 hours a day and vendors are expected to provide services around the clock to match. When issues arise in the field Operations cannot afford to wait for support call centers to open and troubleshoot the issue. In some cases, night shift users on a Drilling rig may never be awake during the support hours of a software product that only offers Mon-Fri 8-5pm support. Knowing this, WellEz entered the market over 15 years ago with a unique business model and set out to offer 24/7 support and quality training to our clients.

US Based – 24/7 Support

Our support team is based in the US and never outsourced to a team that doesn’t understand your business. Having a local support team allows the first line of contact for both field users and office staff to be with a WellEz team member who is an expert in the product and knows clients on a daily basis. Industry knowledge and experience are essential to understand potential issues that may arise during field data entry. As we support our clients, our goal is to not only solve issues quickly and efficiently but to also help ensure that you are using the best methods to capture clean data. Working with you to perfect your data entry process allows us to provide accurate analytics that keep your team informed and help optimize your business.

Being able to trust in the level of service you receive from vendors is a top priority among all industries. WellEz Support re-defines the highest tier of support many of our clients have received from any software or service vendor, as a company we pride ourselves in this and maintain it as a core value.

By having WellEz Support as a partner with your field operations, a huge burden can be taken off your internal resources and help desk. Offering support after business hours, on weekends and Holidays can prevent your team from getting calls that could have been handled by WellEz Support, and account to real cost and time savings for your business.

Training – On your schedule

Proper training is essential when using any new system or product for efficient and safe use. A lack of training before using new software can lead to incomplete or incorrect data being stored or distributed to key individuals such as executives or partners of your company. Training sessions prior to using a field data system are necessary to give users confidence, ensure that data goes in correctly and reports are sent out accurately and on time.

Clients transitioning to WellEz have related stories of having to pull users out of the field for weeks at huge cost in order to train them on software systems that are non-intuitive to use and take hours to enter the daily information. WellEz solves this issue with two approaches: by always keeping the field user’s experience as the core development design, and providing training that can be completed usually in an hour or less.

When working long hours at well site locations, employees don’t always have the time or ability to leave the workplace in order to receive training on a new piece of software. Keeping this in mind, our business model includes training sessions that are flexible and can be done remotely, allowing users to receive training at any location at their own convenience. A member of our support team will login to the computer remotely and cover key topics that are tailored to the specific line of work and position of the user. This type of flexible training replaces the traditional methods of sending employees in from the field for long, expensive workshops that keep them away from productive work. Time sensitive, customized training also allows for a painless implementation process.

Outside of initial user training and implementation reinforcement resources are provided on specific areas of the application that users will be working with. Hosting online webinars, providing in-application notifications, and links to training videos are a few examples of how WellEz keeps customers up to date on changes. When new features in the application are scheduled to be released Support has a set schedule of notifying admins, users, and stakeholders to make sure clients are not only aware of the changes, but also trained and comfortable on the new material.

Making sure that you have clean, concise data at your fingertips starts with the entry process from the field. Having access to 24/7 support and training will help to ensure that your data is reliable and your team is taken care of. WellEz strives to break the mold of customer service stereotypes and offer you friendly, around the clock support and training.