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Simplify the Scary: Well Lifecycle Software Implementation

WELLEZ-Implementation Guide

Perceived Pain is Costing E&P Operators Time and MoneyMany times, E&P operations teams and IT departments are hesitant to change their Well Lifecycle Reporting system because of the ‘perceived pain’ of switching.  They fear that daily operations are so entrenched in the current process that the cost of changing would result in…High CostsThe WellEz billing… Read more »

The Benefits of True SaaS and the Dangers of Cloud Imposters


The cloud/SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model of software platforms keeps IT overhead low and costs predictable for its customers.  These, among many others, are the reasons why the SaaS model has resonated with Oil & Gas independent operators.  However, potential adopters must beware of SaaS ‘fakers’ who seek to cash in on the business model without offering… Read more »

Does the Holiday season HAVE to mean annual maintenance fees?


The weather is getting cooler, football dominates the weekends, and the holiday season is approaching. For those of you using WellEz, this is a time of year to enjoy the season and continued operational success. Unfortunately, for operators using the old Drilling & Completion software model – your annual user license and maintenance fees are probably… Read more »

WellEz Adapts to Pad Drilling Operations


The Permian basin has been the industry’s bright spot regarding drilling activity in recent months. With many US basins continuing to lose rigs, the Permian has seen positive rig counts and increasing M&A activity since 2Q 2016.“Nearly 70 rigs in the Permian Basin have returned to operation since early May and current horizontal drilling activity… Read more »

Pad-Optimized Drilling Rigs Prove Strongest in Permian But What about Reporting?


“Drilling contractor executives were clear during first-quarter earnings calls: Only the strong will survive. In this case, the strongest contractors have active pad-optimized rigs drilling in the Permian.” says E&P magazineWhile pad drilling has proven to be an efficient operational process, the data capture and reporting associated presents unique challenges.  Without the proper data schema, associating wells to… Read more »

SPE Splits Drilling & Completion Disciplines as Operators Increase Focus on Completion Technologies


The Society of Petroleum Engineers recently split their Drilling & Completion disciplines so members who specialize in one or the other can further tailor their involvement with the organization. “Drilling and Completions are now two separate disciplines. This change honors the increased focus that completions technologies have gained in the recent past, while at the same time… Read more »

Excel Spreadsheets Are Slowing You Down


We see it all the time.  Company employees with drilling metrics in Excel spreadsheets they have spent years perfecting.  All of that time spent on each formula and macro, tweaking formatting details, and feeding with company data.  However, like any spreadsheet, a few errant clicks, bad data entry, or even a hard drive failure can corrupt years of… Read more »

Free eBook “How to Read a Daily Drilling Report: A Beginner’s Guide”


Download the eBook HereThis guide provides an example of a Daily Drilling Report produced by a typical onshore oil & gas operator. Common industry acronyms, abbreviations, layouts of information, and terms of the daily report are presented and explained in a non-technical format.“WellEz sends thousands of reports each day to investors, working interest owners, and non-engineering staff… Read more »