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How Much Did This Well Cost?

This basic question is many times one of the largest headaches of an Operating company to understand as they close out a well. Invoices from onsite vendor field tickets do not post to Accounting until sometimes 90 to 120 days after the operations end. When managing accruals and cash flow, and informing partners of AFE… Read more »

WellEz Announces Expanded Leadership Team

WellEz is pleased to announce Stacy Brown as Director of Sales & Marketing and Ryan Seifert as Chief Technology Architect.WellEz recently expanded its leadership team with the addition of Stacy Brown as the company’s new Director of Sales and Marketing and Ryan Seifert as their new Chief Technology Architect.“WellEz is a company with talented employees,… Read more »

How Quality Support & Training Impact Your Business

The Oil & Gas Industry works 24 hours a day and vendors are expected to provide services around the clock to match. When issues arise in the field Operations cannot afford to wait for support call centers to open and troubleshoot the issue. In some cases, night shift users on a Drilling rig may never… Read more »

8 Ways Data Drives Drilling Performance and Completion Performance

In the current market, overflowing cap-ex budgets with room to explore new plays, ramp up rig counts, and experiment with different frac techniques are no more.  Operators are busy making the cuts where they have to and trying to optimize everywhere else.  Reducing head-count can show results on the bottom line, and fast, but does… Read more »

Why Have a System?

A system, a database, a plan. These are all simply tools to achieve a complex series of business and operational goals. Leveraging some fundamental structure can even out the inconsistencies in the daily workflow of data capture and reporting for well site Operations. WellEz takes field data already being collected for daily reports but instead… Read more »

2015 SPE Digital Energy Conference Highlights Scalability and Usability

In today’s oil and gas market, as rig counts slip to 2009 levels and E&P companies re-evaluate operational budgets and service contracts for cost savings, new demands for increased application scalability, integration, and usability are placed on business process groups and IT departments. These considerations were voiced by many professionals attending the 2015 SPE Digital… Read more »

Mobile Apps for the Oilfield

 “In our normal lives outside of work, most of us rely on our smartphones and tablets heavily. We have apps that we use daily, which we probably couldn’t imagine living without at this point. So why is it then when we step onto the oilfield, all that seems to go out the window?”  Todd Bush,… Read more »

WellEz to Exhibit at SPE Digital Energy Conference 2015

WellEz is proud to be an exhibitor at the SPE Digital Energy Conference and Exhibition March 3-5 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott in The Woodlands, TX.  The SPE Digital Energy Conference and Exhibition is an international event that addresses key aspects of digital oil field developments. It will have an increased focus on the application of… Read more »