Operations Operations

  • Complete Well Lifecycle Reporting – Drilling, Completions, Workover, Facilities, Construction, Production
  • Daily Drilling & Morning reports
  • Automatic Email Distribution of Morning Reports to Engineers, Partners, Executives and Stakeholders
  • Drilling Curves & Data Visualization
  • Customizable Data Entry & Reporting
  • Digital File Management
  • Wellbore Diagrams
  • Cloud Based for anytime, anywhere access to data
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Upload Large datasets from Excel
  • Easy-to-Use Interface for Field Users
  • Offline Data Entry for Field Users
  • 24/7 Support included (Houston based)
  • No Fees for User Licenses, Upgrades, or Maintenance
  • Operational Cost-based – Billable to AFE

Production Production

  • Web-based with Offline Data Entry
  • Daily Volumes, ability to manage Run Tickets
  • Customizable from Gauge Sheet to Full Production Operations
  • Downtime & Asset Tracking
  • Integrates Fully into WellEz Operations

Wellbore Diagram Wellbore Diagram

  • Automatically Draws from Data Entered in the Field as Opposed to Creating Wellbore Diagrams Manually in Spreadsheets or by Hand
  • Tracks Progression Daily and Across all Phases of the Well Life Cycle
  • Captures Information on Hole Size, Casing, Cement, BHA, Deviation, Perforations, Plugs, Tubing and Other Downhole Equipment

Mobile Mobile

  • Stay Informed On-the-Go on all Active Projects
  • Enables Access for Operations and Partners
  • View Summary Data, Drilling Curves, Cost Data and Other Key Indicators without Opening Email
  • Native Application for iOS and Android

Our News IT Integration

  • Use Web Services to Automate Data Transfers between Applications (AFE Management, Accounting, Corporate Database, Data Visualization)
  • Break Down Organization Data Silos and Share Information Across Business Applications
  • Feed Business Analytics with Up-to-Date Field Data and Cost Estimates
  • Store Data in Local IT Infrastructure

WellEz is now a part of Quorum Software

Learn More about our product offerings at www.quorumsoftware.com/products/well-lifecycle-reporting.