icon_itintegration IT Integration

Many software vendors advertise an “integrated” solution by having clients purchase a large software package with multiple individual applications. Typically, this integration is only achieved after a large amount of time and unanticipated cost. Additionally, once the time and cost to implement the large software packages has begun, the client feels ‘locked in’ to the system and single vendor.

WellEz is Completely Different.

Our integration techniques are designed to pass data to any other database application, enabling you to choose the best software for each workflow in your business.

No Long-Term Contracts, User Licenses or Upgrade Costs.

At WellEz, we believe in earning our clients’ business and building a partnership by ensuring unparalleled support, which creates relationships not dictated by contracts. WellEz has no long-term contracts, maintenance fees, or upgrade costs. What’s more, WellEz is designed to integrate into any number of IT environments, from majors with in-house datacenters and DBA resources to small independents with no internal IT resources. Utilizing technologies such as web services and direct file transfers, data captured from the field can be directly passed back to clients. Data captured in the application always belongs solely to the Client/Operator.

Creating Open and Cost-Effective Partnerships.

WellEz partners with its clients to facilitate data transfer into their IT environment and workflow, rather than creating a data silo that is inaccessible for the business. Budgeting and forecasting anticipated cost is typically a high priority for IT departments, and the unique WellEz billing model allows for the cost of the system to be allocated as an Operational cost to each well, pad, or project rather than a capital cost to the business. Since WellEz has no unpredictable costs for customization, support, and maintenance, IT is able to focus resources on other applications and projects.

A Solution You Can Grow With.

WellEz is a cloud-based system that doesn’t require IT hardware or user license purchases. As such, it is scalable to any company’s growth plan. Simply put, a partnership with WellEz allows clients to automatically be moved to the latest version of upgrades and features without having to schedule resources or allocate budget every 2-3 years to move to the newest version of software.

How Does WellEz Compare With Software During Change Requests?

Situation: New EPA requirements mandate Operators track amount of fuel used during well site Operations. Let’s take a look at how WellEz and software providers differ.

The Process for Software

With software, this process would involve hiring consultants at a day rate to discuss requirements and reports needed. Many times an extra ‘module’ will need to be purchased and implemented to achieve this data collection. Further consultants are needed to create & customize reports and time is billed by the hour for the entire engagement.

The Process with WellEz

With WellEz, the client discusses with their dedicated WellEz Account Manager the new requirements for data collection and reporting. This change is documented and approved for the account. The WellEz Account Managers & Support team then configure the account for the new data capture and necessary reports. The new fields and reports are immediately made available to all field users once released to the client’s account. No cost is accrued to the client for the consultation, changes, or new report creation.